Mediation, Facilitation
& Consensus Building


Working with colleagues trained at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, I offer mediation, facilitation, and consensus building services in a wide variety of business, governmental, family, academic, faith, and non-profit sectors.

I help individuals and groups resolve a conflict or series of conflicts. I also work with teams to reach agreements on the strategy for implementing a new product or for innovating in a new sector or service.  Additionally, I work with communities to bring stakeholders together to work collaboratively to address a challenge community members are facing related to issues of public concern such as traffic patterns in a growing town center, whether and where a new public library should be build, or school budget issues.

I have a particular interest in working in contexts where emotions run high, relationships matter, and issues of personal and group identity are in play. These include complex family disputes around inheritance and succession, business conflicts, and work in the healthcare sector.  I have a special interest in working with faith communities around conflict issues.