Coaching & Consulting

Communications & Interpersonal Skills


Perhaps you or a colleague could use tailored coaching and advice for a particularly daunting upcoming negotiation or difficult conversation, or perhaps there has been an ongoing dynamic in your workplace or family that you want to address but feel stuck.

Alternately, perhaps you recognize a challenging communication dynamic that comes up for you in a variety contexts and that you can’t seem to address with success For example, you may find it relatively easy to negotiate on behalf of others or on behalf of your department but struggle when it comes to advocating for yourself. Alternately, you may find yourself in some contexts so overwhelmed by emotion that it is hard to listen or be productive and you so you either just cave-in or blow up.

All of these situations are ripe for one-on-one diagnostic coaching in a safe and confidential environment.

In these situations, clients sometimes seek out a short-term one-on-one coaching relationship on a particular negotiation/conflict resolution problem, a specific skill they’d like to develop, or a specific deal for which they are preparing.

In other cases, they may be interested in a more extended consultative engagement, particularly if they are in a leadership position where they find themselves dealing with personnel or management issues on an ongoing basis.

I offer personalized one-on-one coaching to clients in these situations where we brainstorm specific strategies, engage in practice role plays, and identify personalized approaches for improving one’s interpersonal confidence and success in managing differences and conflict.

Clients report high satisfaction with this coaching, recommending it to others as it transforms they way they manage conflict at work and at home.